What You Can Expect From Billings SCORE

  • Free personal counseling and ongoing mentoring
  • High quality, modestly priced workshops
  • The respect and confidential advice of professional business men and women
  • Practical ideas from people who have been there and made a success of it
  • Counselors who are experts or have access to experts on most business issues
  • Counselors who will meet with you as often as necessary to help you succeed
  • Non-confrontational discussions - like talking with trusted family and friends

SCORE can help you drastically improve your odds of success by providing some of the following services to you for FREE:

  • Advice When Buying Or Selling A Business
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Recommend Additional Resources 
  • Make Introductions to People Who Can Help Your Business
  • Provide a Qualified Second Opinion When Making Big Decisions
  • Business Plan Review & Recommendations 

Aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike look to SCORE as a trusted resource for:

  • FREE Mentoring
  • FREE Online Business Tools & Templates
  • LOW COST or FREE Workshops & Webinars